Agile and Beyond 2012

I had the opportunity to speak at the “Agile and Beyond”: conference recently. I loved the crowd, excellent turnout of 650+ people mostly from the Detroit MI area. Everyone was enthusiastic about learning how Agile can change the way they do their daily jobs.

I had a chance to present my ideas on improving how you refactor builds to get better feedback and change the way you work. I was also excited because this time I did a complete powerpoint/keynote free “presentation”: I used “deck.js”: and the good markdown tweak called “keydown”: Need to make a few feature additions to keydown soon.(I said it first : A fun project would be make “impress.js”: markdown friendly, like keydown.)

Lots of great presentations - varying form lean, kanban to plain old agile. Excellent facility at the Ford Convention Center, also had some time to see Detroit and also “The Henry Ford Museum”:

Overall a great experience. Thank you agile and beyond team.

(Ford Convention Center image from “”: )

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