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why blog?

I have come across too many people who are either not willing to blog, or do not see the point. This blog post is for them.

(Recently, “Elena Yatzeck”: posted on this subject as well.)

I recently read a one-liner “I see I scorn, I do I regret, I blog to not forget”. (Usually I am turned off by one liners intending to pack everything including the reason for life in minimum words, but this one I like because it is funny enough.)

This above quote is enough motivation to keep me going on my blogging. In the day and age of #fb and #RT it is difficult to get people excited about the value of details and being able to express in elaboration. Blogs come to the rescue.

I experience this loss of details quite a bit. Recently on my “M$ platform based assignment”: I forgot to blog what we did to make our .NET application development painless. Now when I try to recollect some lessons I learnt I have to depend on my memory which is sloppy about details. I blog to ensure that I have less of these situations and that I can use my experience to my advantage - also maybe readers of my blog will benefit as well.

I would like to encourage more blogging so that I can benefit from your knowledge and learnings.

Here are a few reasons you should consider blogging:

How and where to blog?

What are you waiting for? Go write something.

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