Sudhindra Rao

Why I use Firefox over Chrome?

For development I choose to use tools which make the code transparent. Hence I prefer to use simple text editors over IDEs (although I like IntelliJ for Java code), or browsers that have good builtin support for debugging over closed/magical ones (hence Firefox/Chrome/Safari over IE).

Recently I switched to Chrome as my primary browser since it promised to have all the add-ons to make it comparable to Firefox. On the contrary, in fact it still lacks the power and the flexibility of Firefox for development. Here are a few reasons why Firefox is still better at supporting development:

_“GMxmlhttpRequest is same-origin only.” - User Scripts .

“Chrome uses system’s proxy settings (IE proxy settings on Wndows) because it doesn’t have its own proxy settings yet (see, changing Chrome’s proxy settings using Switchy will also affect the system proxy settings.” - quote from Proxy Switchy! extension.

That means when I use Chrome as a browser with tools like Sahi, it will affect how other things work.

In conclusion, for now Firefox is the best browser for development.

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