Sudhindra Rao

Flash on Linux

Last night when struggling to get Firefox to play with Ubuntu and Flash I found this forum.

The instructions that worked for me are as follows

  1. Remove all installations of flash (9, 10.. )
  2. Remove all installations of gnash
  3. Remove all installations of swfdec
  4. (Basically remove everything that conflicts with flash player - some of these things come bundled with Ubuntu)
  5. Remove any file in “/usr/lib/firefox/plugins” with the word flash in its name. eg. or in my case

  6. Once you have verified that all this has gone (You could use about:plugins url in your firefox to see all the plugins you have along with their associated file types) - reinstall the latest version of flash player from adobe website.

  7. You should have working.

Hope this helps someone who is trying to do the same.

“Now when someone asks - Do you have Flash working on Linux - you know what to say”

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